Please find the most common questions below. If you have further questions please email us at

What is required from me when I email or call?

We will take your order and see what is available at a PCExpress Grocery or the closest grocery store in your area. We will order it for you online, purchase it, pick it up and drop it off at your home.

Are you making a profit?

We are operating as a non profit. We are delivering groceries when we pick up our own groceries. The Provinicial and Municipal government has asked all seniors to quarantine themselves at the moment. We are doing our part and giving back to the community in such an unprecedented time.

How do you take payment?

We will purchase the groceries upfront, but expect to be reimbursed upon delivery. At the moment accepting Cash, E-mail transfers and cheque. We will provide the bill upon delivery of the groceries.

Will you hand pick the groceries?

No. We will be ordering the groceries for you online. The store will hand pick and have the groceries ready for our pickup. We will then deliver the groceries to you free of charge.

Is this safe for you to do?

Every volunteer is provided a mask, gloves and sanitizer.
We do our best to keep everyone as protected as possible.

Do you offer same day delivery?

No, unfortunately we don’t. All order must be placed a week in advance to allow time for the grocery store to pack.